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About MillionSaver Relocation Services

MillionSaverHomes is a real estate brokerage based in Las Vegas, NV. Most of our clients are relocating from different cities around the U.S.A. and moving to the fastest growing city in the U.S.A. We found that this situation creates new opportunities to bring more business to real estate agents through relocation services. What this means is, clients buying homes in Las Vegas had to sell their homes first which are located out of state. We are processing hundreds of requests per month for relocation to Las Vegas. We also advertise heavily to attract more buyers and sellers to our websites.  We are in a position to refer many clients to other REALTORs which can provide real estate services in places where customers live. Our relocation network uses several websites, our goal is to help customers to decide where they want to relocate and live. We are growing our network and marketing to cover more and more cities. Therefore we are looking for REALTORs in many new places who are interested in getting business through referrals.

How many referrals can I get? How many deals will I close?
Depending on your market you can get anywhere from few tens of referrals each month.

We guarantee that you will receive at least 240 referrals per year! You can count that at least one in ten leads will be closed deal. That's 24 transactions from our referrals!

It takes some time to build the advertising, IDX and system for new areas. The number of leads will be lower at the start of our cooperation and will grow in time. If we cannot provide specified number of leads we will proportionally refund the monthly fee. See more details and explanation how it works here and check referral agreement.

How much does it cost for REALTOR to join?
There is  $500 monthly fee and 15% referral fee.

Support & Tools
Once we get substanatial number of leads for you area you will get access to our state-of-the-art contact management software. You will see all our referrals in our Contact Management software. The software is web based so you can work with the customers from home, office or any computer with an internet connection. There is no requirement to install any programs. Just having Internet Explorer browser is enough. It works like a regular website. Once you login in, you will see referrals for your area or city. You can decide which one you want to work with and accept the customer. It all works on an exclusive basis. Only one REALTOR gets the contact information. We also offer free email support. We will help you to use our contact management software and answer any questions you might have. Our software contains many useful tools, like email templates. It will help you to be very organized, enter transaction notes and knowing status of each referral. There is no upfront or monthly fee for technical support.

Qualifications for referral fee program
- You have to be in the business minimum 2 years with min. 7 closings per year.
- You have to be Internet & computer oriented person. Perfect knowledge of using computer software and Internet.
- You have to know how send available homes for sale or house value report in email.
- Very friendly and customer oriented person.
- Respond to all referrals and communications at the same day or within 24 hours.
- Positive and winning attitude.
- Get broker approval or being broker to get direct IDX access (FTP for data and images)

Are these customers ready to buy immediately?
We noticed based on our past experience that there are not many customers ready to buy immediately without building a relationship with the REALTOR. They need more information about the home and would like to see it before they make a decision to buy. Many customers do need help to understand the process of buying real estate. You cannot expect that all referrals will be people who will want to see three homes and buy one. Most of them will need plenty of information, see homes and build relationship with you. We cannot guarantee that they understand the buying process. You might get first time home buyers or customers buying second or third homes. Also don’t forget the home buying process is an emotional decision. If the customers see the home they like, they might buy immediately. If they cannot find what they like it may take longer. From our experience 10% of people are ready to buy immediately (within next few weeks), 50% in 1-3 months, 40% in 3 months or longer. It is very important that you stay in contact, email information about homes and keep clients updated, so the customer thinks it’s the right choice to buy a home from you.

How do we advertise?
Most of our advertising is based on the Internet. For example we developed a unique Lifestyle search engine, which allows customers to search for cities and areas based on their lifestyle preferences (high-rise living, beach front, lake front, mountain view, amenities like tennis, golf, etc.).  See websites,, Once customers see what they like, they usually submit requests asking for more information about real estate or wanting to be put in contact with an agent. It is very important that you respond very quickly, because the same client might try to contact other agents if the request is not handled promptly!

What referral do I have to pay for?
Let’s say that you accept a referral for a listing home. The clients are happy with your service and not only will they sell their home with you but, they want to use you for buying a home. This is still considered our referral and you have to pay a referral fee from both transactions. Another scenario, Let’s say you work with customer but he/she will not buy at this moment, but the customer recommends your service to his/her friend, who would like to purchase a home. You don’t have to pay a referral fee from the transaction. What about repeated transactions from the same client? Yes, you should pay a referral fee from repeated transaction from the same client if it happens within 12 months after the first contact. What matters the most is that you provide great service to your clients. If you get a few referrals based on your great service then it is perfectly OK. But repeated business from the same client should be entered in the Contact Management and a referral fee is paid. We worked with many investors who bought 3 and more homes within a very short period of time; therefore we set up this rule.

Honesty, Integrity and Great Service
Our system is based on honesty. We have a limited way to control and check every transaction. We are handling hundreds of referrals per month which we share with REALTORs. We expect REALTORs to be honest and inform us about any referral which should be payable. If we see that some REALTOR is just taking referrals and not sending any referral fees it will red flag such situation in our software. The number of referrals will be limited and REALTOR will be given an additional chance to close or enter transactions. Too low closing ratio is reason for dropping from our relocation system.

What are the most common reasons for canceling a membership in our relocation network?
If you have a too slow response to referrals in your area; if you are not responding within 24 hours to email or phone messages, your closing ratio is very poor or your customer service is not satisfactory.

Are you selling leads?
We are not in business of selling leads. Our goal is to create a network of professionals providing excellent relocation and real estate services to customers. We are a real estate company and our business is selling real estate.

John Vanhara
President & Broker

Cell phone: 702-296-0212

How to start?
Please print, sign and fax back our Referral Fee Agreement! You can start today!

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Please print, sign and fax back our Referral Fee Agreement! You can start today!

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